Kris Jenner Defends Kanye West’s Paparazzi Freak Out
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Kris Jenner Defends Kanye West’s Paparazzi Freak Out

Kanye West lost his temper ever-so-slightly recently, when an overzealous TMZ cameraman wouldn’t back off at LAX. The  cameraman/fan was being nothing but complimentary, but he kept following Kanye after the rapper told him to stop, and ‘Ye lunged at the guy.

Granted, this doesn’t make Kanye look like the nicest guy in the world. But his (for all intents and purposes) mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, is jumping to his defense. She went on record on daytime chat show The Talk to say that there is probably much more to this story than meets the eye.  

“I love that man,” Kris began, when asked about Kanye’s recent behavior. “I think he was just a little sleep deprived, I really do.”

There’s no doubt in our minds that Kanye probably is short on sleep a the moment, considering that he and Kim Kardashian have a month-old baby at home. But even that is far from the whole story, says Kris.

In fact, to hear Kris explain it, that’s the whole problem: no one knows the whole story.

“I think what happens with anybody who gets upset with paparazzi-related issues, is that they’re obviously provoked to an extent that we see nothing about,” Kris explained. “So, I don’t know what happened before that. So I don’t want to comment or judge or something when I wasn’t there. None of us know the 15 minutes that happened before that, and how crazy it could have gotten.”

And, Kris went on, flipping out really isn’t in Kanye’s nature, no matter what the public perception may be.

“Knowing Kanye—and I do know him very, very well—he doesn’t have a short temper like everyone thinks,” she said. “This happens, but it happens for a reason. It takes a long time for somebody to push those buttons, and then when they’re pushed sometimes people lose their cool.”

Maybe you could give Kanye a few tips, Kris. You always seem to keep your cool, even around the most intense shutterbugs. Do tell! 

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07.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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