Could Divorce Mean Financial Trouble For Kris Jenner?
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Could Divorce Mean Financial Trouble For Kris Jenner?

There have been so many divorce rumors circling around Bruce and Kris Jenner that at this point they’ve become a kind of media white noise. But we heard something the other day that made us think about these rumors in a whole new light: If these two were to split up, what would it mean for Kris Jenner’s finances?

“There’s a lot of money at stake in this split,” a family friend reportedly told RadarOnline.

Kris has earned more than $80 million since the Kardashian empire has taken off, but the thing is she’s been married to Bruce that whole time. Bruce, on the other hand, earned the bulk of his $100 million fortune before he married Kris.

“What he went into the marriage with remains separate,” divorce attorney Michael Kelly told the site. “I believe she accumulated everything during the marriage, so if they divorce and there’s no pre-nup, half of the $80 million will be his. That’s the law in California, period.”

So if they didn’t have a pre-nup, Kris could stand to lose half her money should these two split! That’s nothing to sneeze at. Granted, considering how rich Bruce was when they got hitched, it seems likely that they signed an agreement of some sort.

But apparently, Kris could have much bigger problems than money, should she and Bruce call it quits. According to this friend, Bruce could do some serious damage just by opening his mouth.

“Kris has done some pretty horrible things over the years — including cheating on him,” the source said. “He can drop bombshell after bombshell and ruin her. So Kris should be afraid of what could happen during a divorce. Very afraid.”

Call us old-fashioned, but we're still pretty sure the worst part would be getting divorced from your partner of over 20 years. Just us?


06.14.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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