Did Kris Jenner Forget Khloe Kardashian’s Birthday?
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Did Kris Jenner Forget Khloe Kardashian’s Birthday?

June 27 marked the 29th birthday for the Kardashian we all wish we knew: Khloe.

The youngest of the three K-dash sisters, Khloe celebrated yesterday along with her more than 8 million Twitter followers, who sent Khloe message after message chock full o' birthday greetings.

“I have been crying reading some of the sweetest tweets for my Birthday. So sweet! Blessed!” Khloe wrote yesterday about the overwhelming show of love.

Even new mom Kim Kardashian broke her almost two weeks of social media silence to wish her sis a happy birthday, sending along a couple Instagram collages for kicks.

But there’s one fan who may have forgotten Khloe’s special day: momager Kris Jenner.

“Happy Birthday @khloekardashian I love you bunny you are my heart!!! #unconditionallove,” Kris tweeted today, as in the day after Khloe’s birthday.

Was this just a case of prolonging the celebrations or did Krissy Kris space the date?

According to Kris, she’s just keeping the party going, telling one inquiring Twitter fan she didn’t forget and “will do this for a week pay attention!”

Even if Kris did maybe accidentally sort of forget, it’s not like the mother of six hasn’t been busy. We’re officially in final countdown mode for her new TV show, which premieres July 15, and since Kim is seemingly taking a break from public life, Kris is the one fielding all things related to hers and Kanye’s kiddo North West. Amid all the hustle and bustle, maybe Khloe’s birthday just slipped her mind?

Whatever the case, the birthday girl doesn’t seem to care too much; as of publishing, Khloe had yet to publicly respond to her mom’s tweet. She’s probably still sleeping off last night’s epicness.

Source: Kris Jenner on Twitter