Did Kris Jenner And Kanye West Fight Over Bringing Baby North Home?
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Did Kris Jenner And Kanye West Fight Over Bringing Baby North Home?

We’ve heard rumor after rumor after rumor about the relationship between Kanye West and his de facto mother-in-law Kris Jenner. Some say they hate each other, some say they love each other, but many agree that Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s new baby North West is adding a whole new level of drama to the mix.

Evidently, the drama started before North was even born, and Kim and Kanye were trying to figure out where to live after leaving the hospital, since their Bel-Air mansion is still being renovated. One solution, of course, was living with Kris in her huge Calabasas, CA home.

“When Kim first told Kanye that Kris wanted them to move in with her so she could help out with the new baby, the rapper snarled, ‘You’ll be going without ME!’” a very dramatic source evidently told The National Enquirer. “It’s no secret Kris and Kanye butt heads, so even living under the same roof for a limited time during renovations to their new Bel-Air estate was out of the question for him. He told Kim he’d rented a house until their place is ready. But when Kim broke that news, Kris got very upset!”

So. Kanye was mad about possibly living with Kris, and Kris was sad about not living with Kim. What’s a growing family to do?

But once North was born, things got even hairier. “Right after the baby was born, an extremely emotional Kim started crying that she wanted her mother by her side to help with her new baby,” the source said.

Then a super dramatic scene soon erupted in the hospital, with Kris gushing about how happy she was that Kim, Kanye and baby North would soon be living with her, and Kanye blurting out that they’d be living in a rental instead.

It’s time for this source’s big finish! “Instantly, Kim burst into tears and told Baby-Daddy he was selfish, and could move into the rental alone...she and Baby Girl were moving in with Mom!”

Since we’re told the Kardashian-West family is now living in a rental, we’re guessing Kanye won this round? Kris seems cool with it though, so maybe—surprise!—rumors of this dramatic fallout have been greatly exaggerated. By the National Enquirer?! Why we never.

Source: The National Enquirer