Kris Jenner: Khloe Kardashian Is Just Friends With French Montana (VIDEO)
Credit: Kris Jenner on Instagram    

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Kris Jenner: Khloe Kardashian Is Just Friends With French Montana (VIDEO)

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana have been looking pretty cozy lately, with the rapper even snagging an invite to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding. So why is Kris Jenner claiming that the pair are just friends?

During a recent appearance on the “Opie and Anthony” satellite radio channel, Kris told co-hosts DJ Whoo Kid and Sam Roberts that Khloe and French weren’t getting down, but rather just getting to know each other.

When asked about the couple, Kris replied that Khloe and French “are friends. Just homies.”

Despite what appears to be deep denial on the part of the Kardashian matriarch, plenty of sources close to the couple say they’re definitely dating.

Gabriel Jacobs, the owner of high-end jewelry store Rafaello & Co, claims that the two recently stopped into his store to pick out some matching items. That's a cute gesture for couples, but an oddly extravagant activity for people who are just pals.

“They called and said they wanted to see some stuff,” says Gabriel. “They are matching Rafaellos — new ones, rose gold. French’s is about 15 carat diamonds and hers is about 7 carats … They seem like a regular couple. They seem cool, very happy.”

That definitely sounds like couples stuff to us, but with the Kardashians’ lavish lifestyle, who knows? If their mailman, dog walker, and housekeeper are seen sporting matching Rafaellos too, maybe Kris is right after all.

Do you think that Khloe and French are just friends, or is Kris just trying to save face?