The Kardashians

Has Kris Jenner Seen Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress? (VIDEO)

While reports confirm that Kim Kardashian has picked out her wedding gown for her big day later this month, it sounds like mom wasn’t present when the reality star said yes to the dress. And it turns out that’s not the only detail she’s in the dark about!

Kris Jenner sat in for some guest-hosting and a little “light grilling” on E! News late last week. Of course the show’s hosts couldn’t let the occasion pass without asking Kris to update them on Kim’s wedding. However, as Kris told them “Kim and Kanye [West] have done this all on their own and they’ve had the best time planning it and I know nothing, I really don’t.”

That includes any deets on Kim’s gown. “I have not seen her wedding dress, I don’t know how she looks in it, I’ll see it for the first time when she puts it on at her wedding.” We think it would be great to sit back and watch the whole spectacle (because, come on, of course it will be a spectacle) unfold. However, it seems that aspect has been the source of a little anxiety for this momager.

“It’s a bit hard for me to let go and it’s an exercise in patience and I’m sort of a control freak. So to sit back and relax... this isn’t easy for me either!” Yeah, we’re sure it’s tough. Attending a “budget free” wedding in Paris planned by Kanye and not having to deal with any logistics whatsoever? We’re weeping for you, Kris!

Watch the video below to see Kris and Kim out shopping for the wedding!