Kris Jenner Worried Lamar Odom’s Drug Problem Could Damage Kardashian Brand
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The Kardashians

Kris Jenner Worried Lamar Odom’s Drug Problem Could Damage Kardashian Brand

If any words accurately describe the Kardashian brand, they’re “fun,” “flirty,” and “addicted to crack.”

Oops, how’d that last one slip in there?

Amidst reports that Lamar Odom is trapped in a downward spiral full of prescription pills, illegal drugs, and women who just can’t believe his marriage to Khloe Kardashian is more than a publicity stunt, Kris Jenner is starting to get really worried — but not about him.

Momager dearest is concerned about her brand.

“Kris is seeing red,” a source reveals to RadarOnline. “Kris worked so hard to make her talk show a success during its trial run. She was riding high off of all the publicity from her interview with Kanye and the big reveal of granddaughter, North. Then it all went kaput.”

While there’s been speculation that the stories of Lamar’s drug use have been fabricated by the Kardashian PR machine to get back at Lam Lam for his alleged indiscretions, the tipster says this is the real deal and it’s threatening to topple everything Kris has worked for.

“Kris fiercely protects the Kardashian brand name and empire and to now have it associated with a drug problem, to her, it’s unacceptable. She used to be very close to Lamar, but she is disgusted by what has happened.”

If the stories of Lamar's drug use are true, would it make you feel any different about the Kardashians?

Source: RadarOnline

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