Kris Jenner: My Life is a Nightmare!
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Kris Jenner: My Life is a Nightmare!

It’s a pretty good bet Kris Jenner won’t be seeing The Purge anytime soon. She told Good Day LA her life is already too scary to add watching horror films to the mix!

“I don’t go to scary movies because maybe I can’t distinct [sic] from my reality; [it’s] scary enough!” Kris said with a laugh.

Though none of it qualifies as Texas Chainsaw Massacre frightening (thank goodness!), the drama synonymous with the Kardashian name does get pretty horrific at times. Just look at this week. We started things off with the resurfacing of the much dreaded other wife, Ellen Pierson Kardashian, who claims Kris’ daughter Kourtney isn’t biologically a Kardashian because Kris cheated!

By the middle of the week, pregnant daughter Kim was fighting off yet another round of rumors that baby daddy Kanye West had cheated. Now, Friday, Kanye’s album leaks and everyone’s convinced husband Bruce Jenner has left Kris for good!

That’s enough to give even the hardiest in Hollywood nightmares.

So yeah, we’re with Kris on this one. Rom-coms all the way.

Source: Good Day LA