Kris Jenner and NeNe Leakes Wrassle With an Alligator
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The Kardashians

Kris Jenner and NeNe Leakes Wrassle With an Alligator

In today’s round of s--t Kris Jenner will do for ratings, Mama Jenner called in Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes to co-host her new daytime talk show. Also attending: An ark’s worth of wild animals. What could possibly go wrong?

During the course of the hour, the hottie animal trainer Evan Antin (only hot men are allowed on Kris’ show, btw) trots out an entire aviary of exotic birds, a particularly friendly monkey, and even a giant camel, which Kris and NeNe promptly hop aboard.

But when an American alligator makes its way onto Kris’ black-and-white marble, Nene runs for the nearest exit. You can almost hear her thinking, “They don’t pay me enough to mess with a gator.” Girlfriend is from Atlanta, after all.

You know who we really feel bad for in this situation, though? The alligator. Even it looked confused as to why Kris Jenner has her own talk show.

What will Kris do next as her show continues its summer run? Already checked off the list: Flirt incessantly with all men, eligible or otherwise; fake the debut of grandbaby North West; and tell inappropriate sex stories in front of teenage daughters. Share your suggestions for Kris in the comments below!

Source: Us Weekly