Did Kris Jenner Get More Plastic Surgery? Experts Weigh In!
Credit: Kris Jenner on Instagram    
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Did Kris Jenner Get More Plastic Surgery? Experts Weigh In!

While rumors have been swirling about Bruce Jenner’s revamped look, it seems that he’s not the only member of his famous family who's gotten themselves an appearance upgrade. Kris Jenner, who has admitted to going under the knife multiple times in the past, may have added a few new nips and tucks to her laundry list of plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Anthony Youn, who does not treat Kris, believes that the 58-year-old momager has made a recent visit to her plastic surgeon to continue in her valiant quest against the signs of aging, although this time, she may have finally gone too far.

Dr. Youn tells RadarOnline.com, “Her face looks almost unnaturally tight, possibly due to a combination of chemical peels and laser treatments.”

The doctor adds that Kris’s preternaturally youthful appearance isn’t just the work of an aesthetician — tt’s likely the result of some crafty surgical intervention.

“Her forehead and upper face are remarkably wrinkle-free, I suspect as a result of quite a few Botox injections. Her cheeks are also plump, and could be due to injections of the new FDA-approved Voluma cheek filler,” says Dr. Youn.

While it seems as though Kris may have had some work done, she’s claimed in the past that her life in the public eye has made it nearly impossible to keep any new procedures under wraps.

“I have cameras in my house 24/7,” she explained. “I can’t just go, ‘I’m going for coffee,’ and come back with new boobs.”

Do you think Kris has had more work done?

Source: RadarOnline.com

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