Kris Jenner: I’m Not Changing My Last Name to Kardashian!
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Kris Jenner: I’m Not Changing My Last Name to Kardashian!

That report that Kris Jenner is reclaiming the Kardashian surname if she and Bruce Jenner divorce? It’s a bunch of bunk from, says Kris.

"When are people going to realize Radar is owned by the same people who own Star and the Enquirer?" Kris tells E! News. "I'd like to think people are smarter than to believe this stuff. It's all rubbish."

Radar suggested Kris was thinking of taking on the well-known Kardashian name once again – not only for the sake of branding – but because the late Robert Kardashian was her soulmate.

According to Radar, "Kris has seriously been thinking about changing her last name back to Kardashian. Kris always considered [her ex-husband] Robert Kardashian to be the love of her life, and their family empire is built on the Kardashian name."

In Radar’s defense, Kris changing her last name back isn’t much of a leap when all is said and done. As we ourselves reported, Kris had even talked about going back to "Kardashian" while she was still (we think happily) living with Bruce. It was daughter Kim who nipped that idea in the bud, saying "I think it is so disrespectful and so rude."

What do you think? Agree with Kim or think Kris should change her mind and her last name? Weigh in below!

Source: E! News