The Kardashians

Kris Jenner Removes Her Wedding Ring For Lunch With a Mystery Man (PHOTOS)

Though Bruce and Kris Jenner announced they were separating in October of last year, the couple have been making nice like nothing’s even changed. They’ve insisted that their separation isn’t the first step towards getting divorce, and their actions actually appear to back up this claim.

In the last month alone, Kris and Bruce have been photographed holding hands at the airport, celebrating Easter with Kris’s mom, and going on a shopping spree at Costco with Khloe and Kylie. Despite recent claims that Kris and Bruce are never getting back together, fans of the Kardashian can’t help but wonder if they might just stay a twosome.

We’ve certainly been having these thoughts ourselves — or we were until Kris was caught by the paparazzi on Wednesday, April 30. The 58-year-old star was photographed leaving SugarFish Sushi in Calabasas, California with a handsome, unidentified man.

It wasn’t Kris’s companion for the afternoon that had us scratching our heads — he could easily be nothing more than a TV producer, for all we know. Rather, it was what was going on below Kris’s wrists that really grabbed our attention.

The Kardashian matriarch was photographed leaving the restaurant without her wedding ring, a fact she seemed to be trying to cover up below a large, fuzzy keychain. Shortly thereafter, however, (only after parting ways with her mystery man), Kris put the ring back on and was seen proudly displaying it while she chatted on her phone.

Sure, it could all be some strange coincidence, but that’s exactly what it would be — strange. We can’t help but think that Kris deliberately removed her wedding ring for lunch with her friend and slipped it back on the sake of the paparazzi.

Do you think there’s a suspicious story behind Kris and her ring, or has speculation got the best of us?