Kris Jenner, Please Stop Trying to Be the Next Oprah
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Kris Jenner, Please Stop Trying to Be the Next Oprah

Daytime television’s a hard scene to break into, even when you’re a reality TV pro like Kris Jenner. And though the July 15 debut of Kris wasn’t quite as devastatingly boring as some predicted it might be (haters), we were disappointed to see Krissy Kris steal lines from arguably daytime TV’s most legendary star. That’s right. We’re talking about Oprah.

The offending moment came roughly 17 minutes in when co-host and All My Children star Cameron Mathison (yay, we had to Google him too) announced that July 15 was also the day the Twinkie returned to shelves. After Kris enlightened the world that Twinkies make a woman go into labor (it’s how Kourtney was born!), the terrible twosome grabbed conveniently placed air guns loaded with the yellow sponge cakes.

Weapon in hand, Kris proceeded to prove she truly is the Hostess with the mostess (sorry, it was just too obvious). But as she spread the artificially flavored joy around, Mama Jenner took it a step too far. She pulled directly from the Harpo playbook and shouted, “And you get a Twinkie! And you get a Twinkie! And you get a Twinkie!”

Somewhere Oprah clutched her pearls, grabbed Lindsay Lohan’s hand, and threatened to cut a bitch.

Kris, you’ve got enough charisma to carry a whole family into unexplainable fame and fortune. There’s no need to use another woman’s tricks, especially when that woman is as iconic as Oprah. Plus, let’s be real. Only Maya Rudolph should ever attempt to mimic Lady O.

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07.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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