Kris Jenner Battles With Talk Show Producers Before ‘Kris’ Even Airs!
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Kris Jenner Battles With Talk Show Producers Before ‘Kris’ Even Airs!

Judging from her current media blitz, Kris Jenner seems super excited for her new daytime talk show, Kris, to hit FOX airwaves on July 15. But apparently things behind-the-scenes aren’t so sunny, because Kris is already fighting with her producers.

Her first problem? Having co-hosts. Kris didn’t want them, but Radar Online is reporting that her bosses said it was non-negotiable.

“Kris didn’t feel it was necessary, but co-executive producer, Robert Lifton, said it was essential,” a source told the site. “Kris is used to calling the shots with the Kardashian reality shows at E!, but she isn’t used to taking orders from anyone.”

Come to think of it, it would be tricky to go from being the big boss to being just the talent. We can kind of see why Kris’s hackles would go up when she’s told what to do.

But there are some things that are out of Kris’ hands, and it sounds like she’s also having trouble booking A-list guests for the show.

“There have been big problems in booking celebrity guests, and the celebrity co-hosts are primarily being drawn from talent at Telepictures, which is producing the show,” the source added. “Extra hosts Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos are two of the early co-hosts on the schedule, and it just so happens that Telepictures also produces Extra.

And that, friends, is inside TV baseball at its finest! Sorry this is hard on you, Kris, but isn’t this how the game is played? Producers are always pulling strings to get things just so happens that this particular producer isn’t you. You’ll get used to it!

Source: Radar Online 

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