Kris Jenner Thinks the Royal Baby Should Be Named WHAT?!
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Kris Jenner Thinks the Royal Baby Should Be Named WHAT?!

With t-minus two weeks until Kris Jenner hits daytime in her new FOX show, she’s making the rounds on the media circuit. The latest stop? E!, home of all things K-dash.

During her brief appearance, Kris chatted about the latest pop culture headlines while the three other hosts pumped her for information about two-week-old grandbaby North West. The momager’s still playing it cool though, feeding us the same old lines about how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are adjusting well to parenthood and that North is healthy and happy.

“Life is good,” she told the clearly disappointed hosts. Who knew Krissy Kris had such a diplomatic side?

She even went so far as to keep her phone off the table to make sure none of the co-hosts snuck a peek at family snapshots of Nori. This time, though, she abstained from threatening any of their lives (clearly only Matt Lauer is a worthy enough foe).

Talk of North led to speculation about the next baby due to make our summer — none other than England’s royal bundle of joy. The topic of the day was what Kate Middleton and Prince William will dub the future king or queen. The British public has already weighed in on what they’d prefer (Alexandra if the baby’s a girl; James if a boy).

Kris’ suggestion: The name should start with a “k.” And so her plans of world domination grow clearer.

One viewer agreed with the matriarch, suggesting the mash-up Kwilliam (please excuse us as we go throw up). Meanwhile, the perky host to Kris’ left joked that the royal duo should christen the kiddo South. Kris prefers East. We prefer absolutely anything that is not a cardinal direction.