Kris Jenner Wants to Replace Chris Harrison as The Bachelor Host
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Kris Jenner Wants to Replace Chris Harrison as The Bachelor Host

Here’s what you can always expect from Kris Jenner’s new daytime talk show: She’ll be wearing a black-and-white outfit; she’ll pour herself an extra large glass of white wine; she’ll hit on any man within five feet of her. Case in point, Episode 7, wherein Kris co-hosts with Chris “The King of Roses” Harrison. But it’s more than Chris’s body she wants — it sounds like she’s also gunning for his job!

“You look so handsome!” Kris gushes before planting a wet one on Chris’ baby-smooth cheek. Moments later, “How cute is he?!” The 99.99 percent female audience shrieks accordingly.

After eight seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians we get that Kris is a sharer. She likes to share about her kids, her drinking habits, even her sex life. And sometimes that sharing extends to the few eligible bachelors that make it into her orbit (they are few and far between what with those daughters snatching them up).

As for Chris, he didn’t seem to mind the extra attention. After all, the newly single Christopher just launched his own dating app and immediately posted his own profile. And, you know what, he and Kris did have some chemistry during their hour together.

That’s a good thing seeing as the dynamic duo may strike airwaves again. Kris, you see, has been brainstorming.

“You could be a Bachelor on your own show!” she tells Chris. “You could go on and I could fill in...I could be you!”

We love this idea and we love it even more after Chris says the following: “I would probably get, like, stunt abs. I would probably like start taking off my clothes and then I’d be like, ‘Okay call Sean [Lowe] in. Yeah, Sean. Come here.’ And it would show Sean’s chest and abs.” Now there are two men we’d like to see go hot tubbing together.

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