Kristen and Tom Have Sex! Sneak Peek of Vanderpump Rules Season 4, Episode 4
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Vanderpump Rules

Kristen and Tom Have Sex! Sneak Peek of Vanderpump Rules Season 4, Episode 4

It seems that Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute have been fighting non-stop these days, but the couple finally managed to reconcile in tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules (Season 2, Episode 3).

“Seeing Tom onstage reminds me why I love him,” Kristen explained of Tom’s performance in Lake Arrowhead with his band. “That’s MY boyfriend!”

In next week’s episode, Tom reveals that he and Kristen (who hadn’t had sex together in months and were often sleeping in different beds) made up even further... and this time in the sack. “I went to bed with Kristen last night,” Tom says to Jax. “We had amazing sex!”

“You guys had sex?” Jax asks with amazement.

“Yeah!” Tom says. “Twice. I’m really trying to make time for her, because I want it to be a loving relationship. We can stay strong and stay together.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the group isn’t quite so convinced of the longevity of this accord.

“I don’t believe for a second that Kristen and Tom are a fixed couple just because they slept together,” Katie says. “But if she’s going to pretend like they are, well then it gives me a little break from her constant complaining about him!”

Though Jax hasn’t always been realistic when it comes to love (getting a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend’s name probably wasn’t the smartest idea), even he questions this reconciliation. “Let’s be honest, the odds are against you,” Jax says. “We all know it’s just a matter of time before Kristen snaps.”

Watch this sneak peek from Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 3, then make sure to tune in when it airs on Monday, November 25 on Bravo!