Kristen Bell Talks About Seeing Jason Segel Naked
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Kristen Bell Talks About Seeing Jason Segel Naked

In addition to his role in How I Met Your Mother, Jason Segel is also famous for writing, starring in, and going full frontal for the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And his scene partner, Kristen Bell got a close-up look of Jason's Segel for hours as the two thespians filmed take after take, as she recalls to the Huffington Post.

Kristen took a trip down that particular memory lane for HuffPost's "#nofilter" series, in which an interviewer peppers celebs with oddball and often uncomfortable questions.

When it was the Veronica Mars star's turn at bat, her interrogator asked how she kept a straight face while filming the first scene of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the one in which her character breaks up with Jason’s character while the latter is fully nude.

"Wow. I don't think they used the earlier takes," the 33-year-old recounts. "But when you've been exposed to a naked man for an extended period of time, the novelty starts to wear off. Sorry, guys. After you've seen a penis for a while, you kind of lose interest.

(Homegirl, count your lucky stars that "Kristen Bell Loses Interest in Penises" wasn't the headline we chose for this piece.)

Would you have been able to keep your composure and film a breakup scene? Or do you think you wouldn't be able to stop gawking/laughing/averting your eyes? Let us know how you'd do if you were in Kristen's shoes below.

Source: Huffington Post

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