Kristen Bell on Married Life: “I’m Happy.”
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Kristen Bell on Married Life: “I’m Happy.”

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have only been married for two weeks, and Kristen’s already loving everything that comes with being a wife.

Their long-awaited (and top secret) wedding on October 17 was dubbed “the worst wedding ever” by Dax earlier this week when he commented it was “just Kristen and I at this lonely courthouse,” but Kristen’s not complaining.

“It’s slightly more exciting, like where it feels like we just had a holiday or something, but not much has changed,” Kristen told E! News. “But we’ve been waiting for a long time and for very specific reasons, and it was small and private and everything that we wanted.”

Kristen and Dax famously waited to wed until gay marriage was legal again in California — and Kristen wasted no time re-popping the question on Twitter.

And while Kristen’s excited to be married, she’s got no plans of celebrating their nuptials any further.

“I have no desire to,” she said in reference to throwing a big party to mark the event. “I’m happy.”

Source: E! Online