Kristen Bell Talks Sex Scenes: I Had Never Done Anything So Graphic
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Kristen Bell Talks Sex Scenes: I Had Never Done Anything So Graphic

Kristen Bell has shown plenty of skin onscreen for her role as Jeannie on House of Lies, so what is it about her newest gig that has her squirming in her tower in The Lifeguard? Well, it’s the hard-core of it all.

"I had never done a scene as graphic as my intimate scenes in this movie," Kristen tells The Hollywood Reporter about her upcoming movie, due out on August 30. "There was a lot of choreography involved."

Wow, that sounds like something Veronica Mars would’ve had a quippy response to, but we’re sort of at a loss, since we can’t really imagine Kristen Bell in a compromising situation. On House of Lies and Veronica Mars, Kristen’s characters always have at least an implied amount of control over every sexual situation they find themselves in (other than Veronica’s first time).

What could be happening in this movie that makes her so uncomfortable? Kristen says that “at first read, it felt so uncomfortable,” and it seems as though it didn’t get any less so. The discomfort could also be due to the fact that her sex scene partner is, um, sixteen.

Yep, in the story, Kristen’s character leaves NYC to go back to her parents’ house and work as a lifeguard — at 29. In the process, she ends up in a relationship with a 16-year-old, played by 21-year-old David Lambert, whom she calls “very professional.”

Beyond that, Kristen says that on a basic level, body parts get a bad rap. "It also adds to the thought behind all this prim and proper idea that we have body parts that we don't talk about, we don't touch, we shouldn't look at," she says.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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