Kristen Stewart Flips Off Paparazzi With Both Hands — See the Pics!
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images    


Kristen Stewart Flips Off Paparazzi With Both Hands — See the Pics!

Kristen Stewart has been having a real hard time of it lately — the Twilight star has barely left the house since she and Robert Pattinson broke up. So it must have been cathartic when the "heartbroken" actress not only flipped off a swarm of paparazzi, but flipped two birds for a really, really long time.

E! News has the photos, and they are a sight to behold. She starts with a casual middle finger on both hands, then starts waving them around as if doing an angry interpretive dance. She finishes with an in-your-face, aggressive stance double-bird before getting into a friend's car.

See the photos here!

K. Stew has never been a fan of the paps, but we imagine that dealing with them is extra hard during a super-stressful breakup. Kristen and R. Patz broke up last weekend, and reportedly haven't spoken much since — plus, Robert moved all his stuff out of the house, even taking the dogs with him.

Regardless, we're sure that experience was at least a little cathartic, and we hope she starts having an easier time of things soon.

(Although, just a stray observation: does Kristen Stewart only have blond friends with red beanies on? Because her two friends in these photos are almost identical from the neck up.)