Kristen Stewart Calls Paparazzo a “F— Face” — See the Video!
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images    


Kristen Stewart Calls Paparazzo a “F— Face” — See the Video!

Kristen Stewart has never been one to shine under a spotlight, but with the amount (and caliber) of paparazzi attention she gets, anyone would get annoyed. But some times, and paps, are more annoying than others, and this pap got called a "f— face."

Video footage eventually surfaced of the incident, conveniently leaving out what pissed K. Stew off so much in the first place. But she can be seen telling the pap to "f— off" and that he's a "piece of sh—" that doesn't "deserve to breathe the same air" as her. Yikes! See the video below, which, duh, came from TMZ.

How is it that in these kinds of vids, the paps always smugly ask celebs about difficult topics right after they've pissed them off immensely? Maybe after the super-private K. Stew calls you a name it's not the best time to ask her about her ex (that she is obviously not back together with, anyway, unless everyone ever missed something huge).

If you make your living shoving cameras in faces and asking them about their super-famous exes... you're going to get called a swear once in a while. Just saying. There are worse occupational hazards.