RHoNY’s Kristen Taekman Talks Getting Tips From Brandi Glanville — Exclusive
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Real Housewives of New York

RHoNY’s Kristen Taekman Talks Getting Tips From Brandi Glanville — Exclusive

It’s never easy being the new Housewife, but Real Housewives of New York’s Season 6 joinee Kristen Taekman is handling it with aplomb.The model (and close pal of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Brandi Glanville) has held her own so far among the Upper East Side’s most powerful personalities, including OG Ramona Singer and pot-stirrer Aviva Drescher. And that’s no small feat.

Recently, Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Kristen exclusively to find out more about how she fared on her first season of the Bravo dramafest. Below, she dishes on “girl’s girl” Sonja Morgan, the useful advice Brandi gave her, and how the Housewives are like a sorority.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Though this is your first season on RHoNY, we know you were friends with Brandi Glanville beforehand. Did she give you any tips going in?

Kristen Taekman: Brandi and I go way back. Everybody’s asking me what tips or advice I’ve gotten. The only advice you can really give me is how to manage my kids with filming, and my personal life with the work stuff. And Brandi’s been juggling that for years, so she kind of helped me with that. I’m not really big on advice. You kind of have to just make your own way. Even Heather wanted to give me tons of advice, and I kept saying I didn’t want any.

Speaking of Brandi, she’s had her fair share of feuds with other Housewives in the press. What goes through your mind when you see that?

I see how it could happen, and I would say never say never. She’s unfiltered, while I’m a little more filtered. My husband would kill me. But we’ll see, it’s only the first season. She’s a couple deep.

RHoNY’s Kristen Taekman Talks Getting Tips From Brandi Glanville — Exclusive
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Did anything surprise you about your co-stars that you didn’t expect going in?

It’s really interesting. Somebody like Sonja, I never thought we would’ve really taken to each other and I feel like we did, right from the get-go. She really took me under her wing, she’s a real girl’s girl. I use her spray tanner. I use her facialist. I know a lot of women wouldn’t share their beauty stuff, but she does and that’s awesome. And you’ll see that Ramona and I come full circle.

How would you describe the dynamic between the women?

I didn’t go to college, but I kind of feel like this was a little bit like my sorority. When you’re in a group like this, and you spend so much time together… Whether you love or hate each other coming out of it, you’ve got this special bond that you’ll always have.

Can you tease us a little more about what will happen with you as the season goes on?

Let’s just say that a lot of stuff gets thrown in my face — more than just what you see in the trailer!

Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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