True Blood: Kristin Bauer on Final Pam, Eric Scene — Hope For Hep-V Cure? (VIDEO)
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True Blood

True Blood: Kristin Bauer on Final Pam, Eric Scene — Hope For Hep-V Cure? (VIDEO)

Things are not looking good for some of our favorite vampires on True Blood Season 7, the final farewell. We're saying true to the end, and so is the goddess Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam), who talked to TVLine at Comic-Con about the emotional final season.

In fact, Kristin gets emotional just talking about it (see the video below), because the cast has now finished filming and she doesn't know when she's going to see everyone again. She said they've had so many "lasts" this season, and she struggled to hold it together. She knew she'd at least see some friends at Comic-Con, but now she doesn't know when they'll be together again.

There are five episodes left to the season, and we know things are getting bad for Pam's Hep-V-infected maker, Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard. The farewell for the characters hit home for Kristin, since she was also saying goodbye to her friend.

TVLine asked what it was like to film her final scene with Alex/Eric. "I try to as an actor to borrow from anything that Kristin has, and I have such fondness for Alex,” she said. “I just thought about how it was our last season. There was enough to borrow from my time. Pam and Eric's time is limited, as we know now, so is Kristin and Alex’s."

Sniff! Kristin added, "Of course, my final scene with Alex, I was toast. And so I said to him 'Look, let's just say ‘see you tomorrow' because I can't, I'll be a mess.’ And so then I tried, and it sort of went like, 'See you tomorrow!' with tears running down my face, and I just ran to my car." She joked that she was just dehydrated from all the crying this season. Poor Kristin.

But when we leave Pam and Eric ... will it be because Eric dies from Hep-V? Is there hope for a Hep-V cure on the horizon, for Eric and/or Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)? "With True Blood," Kristin answered, "there's always hope and respites and then more drama. They do such a good job of keeping us on this roller coaster, so anything can happen."

Do you think Eric will die or be cured? What about Bill? Will it be too late for one or both of them? Watch Kristin's emotional video, and prepare to shed a few tears yourself, when we hit the end!

Source: TVLine