Kristin Cavallari Reveals Her Fears About Baby No. 2
Kristin Cavallari Reveals Her Fears About Baby No. 2
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Kristin Cavallari Reveals Her Fears About Baby No. 2


Explaining a pregnancy to little kids is nearly impossible, what with their limited knowledge of how the whole process actually works. But they do often understand that soon there will be a new brother or sister in the mix, and depending on the child, that could either be a welcome addition or a scary change.

Kristin Cavallari, the 27-year-old Hills star, is pregnant with her second child with Chicago Bears quarterback and husband Jay Cutler. This time around, Kristin tells People, planning has been a breeze and there is little she has to worry about, except 19-month-old Camden.

“I’m nervous,” Kristin admits. “I don’t want [Camden] to feel like he’s being replaced. I know the first few months are going to be hard when I’m breastfeeding all the time. We’re just going to try to be so careful to make sure he’s still getting a lot of attention, knows he’s still extremely loved, and this baby is in no way taking his spot.”

This sounds like a solid plan on their part, but it actually sounds like little Camden already has a firm foundation for welcoming his new baby brother.

Kristin says that when it comes to socializing, Camden is usually more interested in the babies than the girls and boys his age at playdates, wanting to “hug it and give it kisses.” We can’t see this little lover growing cold to his baby brother!

Source: People