Kroy Biermann on the Placenta Smoothie: “It Was Kind of Like a Corona”
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Kim Zolciak

Kroy Biermann on the Placenta Smoothie: “It Was Kind of Like a Corona”

Based on his body-brutalizing occupation, it’s clear that Kroy Biermann is a pretty brave guy, but little could have prepared him for what wife Kim Zolciak had in store for him after giving birth to their twins, Kaia and Kane.

After their bundles of joy entered the world, Kim was adamant about heading off postpartum depression off at the pass by taking matters into her own hands and drinking smoothies mixed with a healthy dose of her own placenta.

Of course, misery — especially that of the placenta-eating variety — loves company, so Kim encouraged Kroy to do the same.

We’re definitely not expecting to see this flavor combo on the Jamba Juice menu anytime soon, but Kroy admitted to that the concoction wasn’t as bad as he’d expected.

It’s all mental. It was fruity and it had that three-minute delayed after taste. It wasn’t bad… It was kind of like a corona, minus the lime.”

While Kim may have been the one spearheading the placenta-drinking efforts, it seems it was even difficult for her to get behind drinking the afterbirth blend.

“Mentally, drinking the placenta smoothie was rough,” admitted Kim. “But taste-wise, you would never know. It tasted kind of like a fruit smoothie with a little bit of a metallic taste at the end.”

Are you surprised that Kroy agreed to drink the smoothie?