Kurt and Blaine Cuddling in Bed? Ryan Murphy Says…
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Kurt and Blaine Cuddling in Bed? Ryan Murphy Says…

Now that Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) are newly engaged, Gleeks the world over are anxiously hoping to see them get some snuggle time. So will we ever get to see such a scene in Glee Season 5? Well, it just might depend on how many burritos you’re willing to buy. Confused? We know. Bear with us here.

On October 7, a Glee fan tweeted to creator Ryan Murphy, “I will give you my soul and a year supply of burritos if you give us Klaine cuddling in bed together.” Sounds like a fair deal to us! Then again, we suppose that depends on how many burritos Ryan can eat in a year. Could get costly.

Kurt and Blaine Cuddling in Bed? Ryan Murphy Says…
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Actually, it appears that Ryan is willing to play hardball when it comes to the negotiations. “That's not nearly enough,” he responds about the soul-and-burritos offer. “But I love your passion.” Wow, Ryan is hard to please. So does he want more souls, or more years’ worth of burritos? He doesn’t specify.

Either way, we’re hoping Ryan is just remaining coy, and that Kurt and Blaine will get plenty of time to heat things up this season. Or if they’re not hopping into bed on-camera, at least we’ll get to see plenty more kisses, right? We just hope that Ryan saying no to this offer wasn’t his way of subtly hinting about the couple splitting up again. Seriously, that would not be cool.

But we’re not really in a mood to complain about anything Klaine-related at the moment. Between Blaine’s perfect proposal in “Love, Love, Love” and the prospect of them both living in NYC after Blaine graduates, we’re currently on Cloud Klaine! And on a side note, we have a sudden hankering for Mexican food.

Source: Ryan Murphy’s Twitter

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