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Kurt Warner Eliminated on DWTS Season 11, Week 8


Each week, someone has to stop waving around his frying pan hands on Dancing with the Stars. Let's look at who had that dubious honor on the Season 11, Week 8 Results Show.

Losers: Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya

Kurt "Crunch Time" Warner is now free to manufacture those Ken dolls Carrie Ann wants. The "8" paddle's best friend and his little Russian Barbie fell victim to the "There's No Getting Rid of Bristol" curse. He and Anna expected higher scores for their Waltz and Insta-Cha-Cha-Cha, but even though Carrie Ann noticed Kurt's new sex appeal, Bruno reminded him that there are other dancers in the competition who are better than him. (Not Bristol!) He was never as good as Jennifer or Brandy, and he didn't rise in popularity as fast as Kyle. (Or Bristol, apparently!)

It came down to Brandy & Maks vs. Kurt & Anna. Bruno said of Kurt, "The competition and us, we lose a real gentleman. He has proven a true sportsman. His attitude has stayed immaculate. Incredible manners and regardless of what happens, you have achieved a lot. It shows how to behave. You really are an American idol." Carrie Ann used her speaking opportunity to address The Ballroom Smackdown, telling Maks she hopes he'll "let it go" — advice she could've used, since this was her chance to praise someone who was about to go home. Oh well!

Kurt's parting words had a bit more class: "You know, I learned a long time ago that life isn't always about winning and losing competitions. It's about relationships. It's about impacting people. I thank everybody at Dancing with the Stars because it gave me an opportunity to impact people and build relationships and that's really what it's all about." Kurt thanked his wife, Brenda, and seven kids at home. Then he thanked "this wonderful woman here," Anna. It was a truly professional farewell. If his kids were in the audience, they'd probably hold up a series of 10s.

This leaves us with a sobering fact: Bristol Palin is in the DWTS Semifinals. Let that sink in...

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11.10.2010 / 09:11 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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