Kyle Richards: Brandi Is a “Different Person” When She’s Not Around Lisa and Yolanda
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards: Brandi Is a “Different Person” When She’s Not Around Lisa and Yolanda

Kyle Richards may be our resident homegirl on Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but this week’s episode (“Escape to Bitch Mountain”) had us feeling for Brandi Glanville — and that is quite the task considering her racist joking in the episode prior. Even Kyle’s reactionary Bravo blog focused on her relationship with Brandi and the the blonde bombshell’s dramatic Puppygate (i.e. when Chica went missing).

“Although Brandi and I are not close friends, I still consider her a friend,” Kyle said in her weekly blog. “When we are together without Lisa and Yolanda, we get along and laugh. It's as though she becomes a different person in front of them.” We do have to admit there was a noticeable difference in Brandi’s behavior after Lisa and Yolanda headed home from Palm Springs.

Kyle is still convinced that Lisa, Yolanda, Brandi, and Carlton are all a team. And while they all deny that fact, it’s clear from next week’s promo that there is a divide between the women — at least for now.

“When she got the call that [Brandi’s] house was broken into and her dog was missing, we all felt terrible!” Kyle asserts. “It was as if the night before never happened and everyone just wanted to come together to help her. It made me sad to see her this distraught and made me feel that she is carrying a lot more weight on her shoulders then I realized.”

Kyle maintains that the women had nothing but the best intentions when rallying around their distraught friend during her moment of need. “Our pets are a part of our family. Being two hours away and knowing Chica was most likely running around in a neighborhood known for having coyotes was scary and sad,” Kyle continues. “It was time to put aside any negative feelings anyone had from the night before and help Brandi.” Girl power, y’all!

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Source: Kyle’s BravoTV blog

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