Kyle Richards Says New Housewife Carlton Gebbia Is “A Little Dark”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards Says New Housewife Carlton Gebbia Is “A Little Dark”

We won't meet the two newest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members until Season 4 premieres on November 4. But we're already learning that Kyle Richards has some not-so-warm things to say about one of them.

Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia are the two new Housewives this season, and Kyle is definitely feeling much closer to one of them than the other.

"I actually met both of them at a party that I had, and let's just say that one of them I get along with very well, and one... not so much," Kyle tells E! News with a laugh. "Joyce I found to be outgoing and bubbly and kind and I really connected with her. We're both happily married and have little children. I just really adored her."

So what about Carlton? "And Carlton, um... I want to say, dark?" Kyle offers. "A little dark."

Then again, alliances on the show can always change, as Kyle's new friendship with Brandi Glanville is proving. "It's just funny this season how the dynamics have changed with all the women," she says. "Some of us are no longer friends, some of us are friends when we never were before."

"Brandi [Glanville] and I have always had problems since the beginning and now, dare I say the 'L' word?" Kyle says. "I think I love her." Whoa! That's awesome news.

What changed for Kyle and Brandi? "I've gotten to know her, and I do really care about her as a mom and just as a friend," she explains.

In other words, there may still be hope for Kyle and Carlton to develop their friendship after all. Heck, if Kyle and Brandi can patch things up, anyone can!

Source: E! Online