Kyle Richards Puts Deodorant on Her Upper Lip — But Why? (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards Puts Deodorant on Her Upper Lip — But Why? (VIDEO)

As we all know, beauty comes at a price. However, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards was recently asked to do something to her face that she never would have done voluntarily.

In an unaired Season 4 scene, Kyle is shown preparing for her gig as a Home Shopping Network spokesperson. Kyle learns prior to the shoot that she needs to take extreme measures to prevent from sweating while on camera, and this involves putting antiperspirant on her upper lip. Yikes.

"You want me to put deodorant on my lip?" a stunned Kyle replies when she hears the request. "I have heard so many beauty secrets you know, like hemorrhoid ointment under your eyes for swelling but deodorant above your lip? That's gross." We're right there with you, Kyle.

We don't blame Kyle for blanching at the notion of applying the deodorant to her face. Kyle is even coached on how to properly apply it to her lip, as she is told to touch the deodorant with her finger and then dab her finger on her face.

Frankly, we think we'll stick to having a slightly sweaty face at times, thank you very much.

Are you surprised that Kyle is asked to do this?

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