Kyle Richards Shares Hilarious Quote From Her Daughter
Credit: Kyle Richards on Facebook and Twitter    

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Shares Hilarious Quote From Her Daughter

Prepare to crack up when you see the quote that one of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards's daughters recently uttered. Let's just say that the quote really puts things in perspective.

One of Kyle's daughters appears to be having a little trouble academically in school, but she wants Kyle and husband Mauricio to focus on the silver lining, judging by this tweet that Kyle posted on October 10.

"'Mom, Dad, just want you to know that I don't think my grades are good right now but we're all healthy and happy, so let's just be grateful' #huh," Kyle writes. Too funny!

Seriously, we wish we had thought of this kind of logic when we were still in school. Everything is fine as long as you have your health, right?

So now the big question is: Which daughter was the outside-the-box thinker who came up with this gem? It's a bit of a mystery, since Kyle has yet to identify the daughter in question. Hmmm.

We're guessing we can rule out little Portia, who seems a little young to be stressing about grades. And oldest daughter Farrah is already part of the working world. So that leaves either Alexia or Sophia. The suspense!

Either way, we applaud Kyle's daughter for staying focused on the big picture.

Source: Twitter