Which Richards Sister Gets Paid More Per Season: Kim or Kyle?
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Which Richards Sister Gets Paid More Per Season: Kim or Kyle?

There are many reasons why we love Kyle Richards and Kim Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The two sisters have been through the ringer throughout their four seasons on the hit Bravo show, but they’ve always put their familial relationship before anything else.

Throughout the course of the show, Kim has grappled with her alcoholism and Kyle has had to put on her boxing gloves to go head-to-head against some of the biggest divas in the Hollywood Hills. At the end of the day being on the show is a chance to foster relationships with gal pals, but let’s get real, it’s all about that paycheck.

During the February 3 episode of RHoBH, Wetpaint asked Viggle users which Richards sister brings in the most dough per season: Kyle or Kim.

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Poor Kim! Only 9 percent of Viggle users thought that the bubbly blonde rakes in more money per season while 46 percent of Viggle users thought they made the same — both of which are incorrect. According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Kyle makes $270,000 per season while Kim only makes $100,000. That left 45 percent of Viggle users to correctly guess that little sister Kyle makes more each season.

While their paychecks aren’t the same, we admit that we love these sisters equally!

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