Kyle Richards, Husband Mauricio React to “Devastating” Cheating Rumors
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Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards, Husband Mauricio React to “Devastating” Cheating Rumors

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards and her husband, Mauricio, are speaking out on the rumors that have swirled about Mauricio's alleged infidelity.

Kyle tells Too Fab that the allegations have been tough to deal with, but that it's a part of being on a show like this. "At first, it was really devastating, to be honest, and I was so upset, and my husband was so upset," Kyle admits.

Kyle Richards, Husband Mauricio React to “Devastating” Cheating Rumors
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"And I had, like, guilt because I'm thinking, 'How'd I drag this man into it, who's an amazing husband and an amazing father,' and I had a lot of guilt because of the show, that he got involved with that," she explains. "But at the end of the day, we know who we are, we know what we have, and you know what? We're proud of what we have, and it's the thing that we're the most protective of, and don't mess with us."

Mauricio agrees but uses even more colorful language to dismiss the rumors. "You just have to ignore them there's nothing else you can do," he says. "I guess it's part of the game, and it kind of sucks it's a s**tty part of the game but everybody that knows me and know the situation knows what's going on."

Another big part of the upcoming season will be seeing the Housewives adjust to two new cast members, Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia. So what does Kyle think of the new additions? "I got along very well with one, and not so well with the other," Kyle teases. But which is which? Well, judging from the time they've spent together recently, we're guessing Kyle and Joyce are rather tight. But we shall see!

Source: Too Fab