Kyle Richards Talks Real Housewives Salaries and Dream TV Role — Exclusive!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards Talks Real Housewives Salaries and Dream TV Role — Exclusive!

Kyle Richards adores being a Beverly Hills Housewife, but the former actress still loves the idea of playing make believe on the small screen.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star before she attended the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco. She teamed up with Barefoot Wine & Bubbly to be auctioned off to a lucky bidder, with proceeds benefitting GLAAD. The lucky winner shelled out $13,000 to spend the day getting pampered with both Kyle and husband Mauricio Umansky.

Over the course of our chat with Kyle Richards, she revealed to us what TV show she’d love to guest star on and also spoke candidly about Real Housewives salary rumors and the secret to her thriving marriage.

What do you look forward to the most at the GLAAD Awards?

It’s just always a fun night, and it’s just fun to be able to have fun and support something that's really important to you. I’m honored to be there and just have fun and support something very important. I want my children to be supporting GLAAD because i’m raising them to be open and supportive like that.

How are things going at your store, Kyle by Alene Too?

It’s just so much fun. I really love doing this, it doesn't feel like work really. I just love it so much. My girls love it, my nieces love it. Being in the heart of Beverly Hills, people pop in and out saying "Hi." Friends, fans, it’s just a lot of fun playing dress up everyday

If you could guest star on any show, what role would you want to play?

I wanna play a policewoman! I want to wear a badge and a gun. I wanna do something like Law & Order. Give me a badge and a gun and I’m gonna be very happy.

Recently there was a report published about all of the Housewives’ salaries, what did you think when you saw that?

They’re all inaccurate. I always wonder where that comes from. When I saw that on twitter, I almost tweeted, ‘That is not true,’ but who even cares? They had the numbers off.

You and Mauricio have been together for 19 years. How have you kept your marriage a happy one?

Always making each other the priority, putting our family first. Having it always be an open conversation. Our lives are so busy and crazy these days with him opening up The Agency and me with the show and the store and everything, we have to sit there and go, ‘Ok, you have events, I have events, let’s pick and choose which ones, we have to make sure we’re there together.’ We’re home more nights than out. Always making sure we are and our children are our priority. And knowing that it takes work and don't take it for granted.

Do you watch the other Real Housewives shows?

I love all of them, it’s fun to be a fly on the wall and watch these other women’s lives. It’s perhaps even a little more extra fun for me doing what I do, because I have a different perspective on it, so it’s very interesting for me to watch as a viewer and as a fellow Housewife.

Do you have any favorites?

I love New Jersey, I love all the women on New Jersey. I like the Orange County girls. I love Atlanta, I like Kim and NeNe on Atlanta. Those are my favorites.