Kyle Richards: Yolanda “Needs to Brush Up” on Her Etiquette Skills
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards: Yolanda “Needs to Brush Up” on Her Etiquette Skills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is now weighing in on the show's recent drama, pointing out that she doesn't believe Yolanda Foster's excuse about not realizing that she had drawn hearts on some of the ladies' place cards at her dinner party.

"For someone who is so quick to criticize someone on their etiquette, I felt that Yolanda perhaps needed to brush up on her own etiquette skills," Kyle writes in her Bravo blog. "The hearts on the place cards were juvenile and in bad taste."

"Do I believe [drawing the hearts] was her subconscious?" Kyle writes. "No. I could be wrong, but either way, it showed me that moving forward was going to be more difficult than I had hoped."

"I found it ironic and somewhat amusing that I had been criticized in Palm Springs for telling Yolanda, Lisa, and Brandi that they acted as though they were a team and now here we were in Yolanda's home for her dinner party, and she is referring to the three of them as 'The Dream Team,'" Kyle continues.

Kyle points out that Brandi was out of line at that dinner party. "Brandi clearly still has issues with Joyce, and it was uncomfortable to watch," she says.

Do you agree that Yolanda intended to draw the hearts? And do you think Brandi's behavior is hard to watch?

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