We’ve long known that Kyle Richards and Bethenny Frankel have shared a special friendship, but we had no idea the Real Housewives stars have known each other for decades!

"I love this #flashbackfriday with @bethenny flashing WAAAY back," Kyle wrote on Instagram on January 31. The photo shows the duo looking fresh-faced and big-haired in slinky black dresses and oversized earrings.

Though Kyle gave no indication of what year the picture was taken, their outfits and bushy brows definitely suggest the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. “Black never goes out of style, but our hair did!” Bethenny joked in response to the pic.

So, just how did these two come to know each other way back in the day? Well, it just so happens that Bethenny was a personal assistant for Kyle’s sister, Kathy. She also used to babysit Paris Hilton, one of Kyle’s famous nieces. (We bet she’s got some really interesting stories to share, as well.)

Of course, the duo have come a long way from their days of overly-teased hair. While Kyle keeps busy filming Beverly Hills and running her new boutique, Bethenny hosts her eponymous talk show in NYC.