The Kardashians

Kylie Jenner Falls Down During Kim Kardashian’s Bachelorette Bash (PHOTOS)

Awkward! Kylie Jenner stepped out on May 22 for Kim Kardashian’s Paris bachelorette party looking très sophistiqué — at least until she tumbled to the ground, that is.

The 16-year old was dressed in a super short black romper and open-toed booties, her hair still tinted blue-green at the tips. It’s hard to tell whether she tripped or was knocked over by the mobs of fans and paparazzi surrounding Kim and her bachelorette posse.

Either way, Kylie recovered more gracefully than we would have in that situation — and that’s with the knowledge that every photo agency in Paris caught the tumble on camera! We guess growing up in front of the camera makes one a little less susceptible to embarrassment than your average teenager.

Big sister Kim, on the other hand, seems completely unaware of Kylie’s spill behind her. The bride-to-be was the picture of grace in an elaborate beaded cocktail dress by Balmain, the design of which looks exactly how we’d imagine Marie Antoinette would dress if she was alive today.

Meanwhile, Khloe looked like a film noir femme fatale in yet another black dress with a slit up to here and a neckline down to there, while Kendall went punk rock in a studded leather jacket we need in our closets yesterday.

Click through to see more pics of Kylie’s unfortunate spill, as well as the rest of Kim’s bachelorette crew!