Credit: Instagram

Colored neon hair is on trend right now, and guess who’s the latest celeb to hop on board? Kylie Jenner, who’s officially sporting blue tips over her already dark brown ombre-styled hair.

Sunday, Kylie posted a selfie with a friend showing off her new blue locks for the first time. We love her new look — gutsy without going overboard. We think she’s got the perfect amount of crazy color in her hair to stay cute without crossing that line into Halloween territory.

Maybe Kylie was inspired by her weekend spent at Coachella with friends like Selena Gomez and sister Kendall? Sure, a flower crown is a less permanent festival fashion statement, but why not go big? Kendall definitely is — have you seen her new nose ring?

Coachella continues this weekend, so let’s wait and see if Kylie’s new blue hue outlives the end of the concert lineup before we get too used to it.

And speaking of Kylie’s looks, the 16-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has had to deal with a lot of backlash lately following the rumors that she’d had plastic surgery. We don’t blame her for being mad at what people are saying about her. After all, she’s still just a kid!

Don’t listen to them, Kylie. We think you look beautiful — and your hair does, too!

Love Kylie’s new ‘do, or did you like the way her hair looked before better?

Source: Instagram