Credit: Kylie Jenner on Instagram

From the dying her hair crazy colors to her constant selfie-taking, it seems to us that Kylie Jenner is very much an average 16-year-old girl.

However, what we consider typical teenage behavior may be a cry for help, according to Kardashian insiders.

A source reveals to OK! Magazine that Kylie’s attention-seeking online behavior is just a symptom of a larger, underlying issue: a lack of self-esteem that’s only gotten worse as her sister Kendall’s modeling career has taken off.

“Kylie constantly hears people talk about how much more attractive Kendall is, and the comparisons have really taken a toll on her,” says the source.

“She’s getting herself into dangerous situations,” adds the source. “If someone doesn’t rein her in soon, something tragic will happen.”

 While it’s clear that Kylie has a lot more freedom — and adult responsibility — than the average teen, it hardly seems like selfies are the first step toward self-destruction.

It can’t be easy for Kylie to live out her most awkward and hormone-filled years in the spotlight, but it’s clear that her Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame has its perks.

The teen queen has admitted in the past that, thanks to her filming schedule, she only attends three or four hours of in-home tutoring a day before doing whatever else teenage millionaires do — film, nap, roll around in piles of money — the world is her oyster.

Do you think that Kylie is suffering from low self-esteem, or is her behavior typical of kids her age?

Source: OK! Magazine