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Kylie Jenner

See Kylie Jenner’s Best Instagram Looks — From Alex Perry, Givenchy, and Topshop! (VIDEO)

This Kardashian sister might only be 16, but she already has an impressive wardrobe, not to mention style! Then again, when you have four older sisters — Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and (model) Kendall — then it’s kind of obvious where it all comes from.

Thanks to her personal Instagram, Kylie keeps us to up-to-date with all of her favorite looks, which quickly became ours too (duh). But as the youngest in the Kardashain bunch, Kylie definitely stands out from her sisters, and her edgy looks are the reason behind it — oh her blue-tinged hair.

From her white Alex Perry dress, a pair of sheer Avelon pants, a giant ASOS coat, and her studded Givenchy jacket, Kylie makes rocker chic look effortless. And like any fashionista, she uses an array of accessories to add some extra flair to her looks. Our favorites being her Céline sunglasses and Topshop hat.

At the rate Kylie keeps going with her style, she just might follow in Kendall’s footsteps and take the modeling world by storm! Or, maybe even design a clothing line...

Want to know which of Kylie’s Instagram looks made it to the number one spot? Watch the full video!

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