Ex-Bachelor Contestant Kylie Lewis: Producers Set Me Up For Humiliation
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Ex-Bachelor Contestant Kylie Lewis: Producers Set Me Up For Humiliation

Another year, another Bachelor premiere chock-full of trainwrecks and tears. To tell the truth, we always feel bad for those first-night eliminations, no matter how painfully awkward/inappropriate/forgettable they may have seemed in their edit. But one girl from Juan Pablo Galavis’s gaggle of girls claims producers are to blame for the brevity of her appearance this season!

Kylie Lewis — you know, the redhead in the princessy pink gown who thought Juan Pablo called her name instead of Kat Hurd’s? — tells Chicago’s B96 that producers and long hours are partly to blame for her less-than-stellar first impression. In fact, they suggested she tweet at Juan in her limo exit. “It’s not that they force you to do anything,“ she was sure to clarify, but she does imply that a lot of what we saw was not exactly the Kylie she wanted to show the adorable Bachelor.

As for her embarrassing Rose Ceremony mistake, we do have to give this girl a lot of sympathy. She says the cocktail party, which began filming at 9 p.m., went on well into the morning, and that it was 6 a.m. by the time her name — er, rather, Kat’s name — was called. “Not to mention, Kat was standing directly behind me, so he was looking at me!” Kylie explains with a laugh. Yikes.

While the 23-year-old artist from Rockford, Illinois was fairly diplomatic in her radio interview, it sounds like the gloves came off when TMZ talked to her! Kylie tells the site that her limo exit wasn’t the only thing producers manipulated. Producers also allegedly told her to dye her hair from strawberry blond to red and to wear pink instead of purple.

That sucks, but we hardly think Juan Pablo is so shallow as to let things like the color of one’s dress or hair stand in the way of a love connection. Sorry, Kylie, but maybe he’s just not that into you. And, hey, that’s okay. You sound like a sweet girl with a relatively good sense of humor about the whole experience. You’ll bounce back, kid.

Sources: B96, TMZ

01.7.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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