La La Gets Primary Custody of Son with Carmelo Anthony During Separation  — Report
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La La Gets Primary Custody of Son with Carmelo Anthony During Separation — Report


While it appears Carmelo Anthony could receive the lion’s share of the family wealth in a divorce settlement, La La will reportedly have primary custody of their son, at least for the time being.

The soon-to-be exes hashed out a temporary custody agreement where 10-year-old Kiyan will live with his mother in NYC. Carmelo will have a totally open line of communication with him, spending as much time with his mini-me as he wishes, according to TMZ.


Reportedly the couple would prefer to bypass the court system for as long as possible, having their lawyers meet up and hash out agreements on their behalf.

Both La La and Melo agree that Kiyan’s life shouldn’t be thrown out of whack because of their separation.  


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The POWER actress still has major issues with the Knicks power forward, but is adamant that he is a great dad, despite his reported infidelities.

Speaking of which, the woman he allegedly cheated with was previously reported to be an exotic dancer from New York City.


New reports indicate the side chick in question is actually Chicago native, 24-year-old Mia Angel Burks.

The mid-western beauty graduated from Northwestern University with a master’s degree in health communication last year, according to a source at PageSix.

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Mia reportedly started seeing the NBA baller last summer, hooking up anytime his team was in town to face the Chicago Bulls.

She’s currently pregnant, with Melo allegedly “taking care” of Mia financially until a paternity test can be performed.