Lady Gaga Buys Boyfriend Taylor Kinney a Backpack — For HOW Much?
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Lady Gaga Buys Boyfriend Taylor Kinney a Backpack — For HOW Much?

Bad romance? More like, bad financial decisions.

Lady Gaga indisputably has money to burn, which she proved when she bought a not-exactly-dirt-cheap backpack for boyfriend Taylor Kinney's birthday, according to the Telegraph.

Just how much did the backpack cost? We hope you're sitting down when we deliver this shocker, as the item cost a wallet-shrinking $55,000. Just let that number sink in for a moment

So what exactly makes this backpack worthy of costing more moolah than lots of people make in an entire year? Well, for starters, its made by the Olsen twins' label The Row, which is known for its pricey products. And it was designed by acclaimed artist and couture lover Damian Hirst.

To get a look at the backpack in question, click here.

We assume Taylor who is known for playing Mason on The Vampire Diaries was pleased to get the gift. After all, sources say he takes his birthday "very seriously" and "loves his backpacks." We've never really met a grown man who "loves his backpacks," but to each his own.

That said, it's still a backpack. Maybe Lady Gaga doesn't realize you can get a Jansport for $15.99 at K-Mart? You gotta learn to take advantage of those back-to-school sales, Lady G!

Source: Telegraph