Did Katy Perry Copy Lady Gaga\'s Merchandise Designs?
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Katy Perry

Did Katy Perry Copy Lady Gaga’s Merchandise Designs?


Uh oh! 

The Katy Cats and Little Monsters are at it again after Katy Perry is accused of stealing Lady Gaga's merchandise designs. 

While Katy might be on cloud nine with the release of her new banger "Chained to the Rhythm," Gaga's fans are less than pleased that the "Rise" singer's new merchandise line may be ripped off completely from Gaga's "Joanne" swag which debuted not too long ago. 

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In order to do an accurate analysis, the pop stars' fans of course did a side-by-side comparison.

In one screen shot, fans could see both singers selling black short-sleeve crop tops with the respective singer's name written in cursive over the right chest area. 

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But the similarities didn't end there. Both stars also listed long-sleeve shirts consisting of white bold lettering down the sleeves.

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Fans even went so far as to point out that a black nylon jacket listed on Katy's merch site looked awfully similar to a jacket Gaga sported in her "Perfect Illusion" music video.

Of course, there were also fans who comitted to the "who wore it better" tactic to further incriminate the "Roar" singer.

This isn't the first major time the "Dark Horse" singer has been accused of copying the "Million Reasons" crooner. 

In 2014, Katy was criticized for stealing Gaga's ideas when she aired a video of her sticking a finger down her throat and then spewing neon paint.

The video was aired in the background of her Prismatic World Tour.

Fans were quick to point out that the gag resembled a bit Gaga did a month earlier with artist Millie Brown who drank a bottle of green paint and proceeded to throw it up on the "Just Dance" singer as she played drums. 

Is this enough evidence to incriminate Katy Perry? We'll let the officials decide.

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