Lady Gaga Asks Paparazzi Photos to Be Retouched? Rumor Patrol (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga may have been born this way but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants the world to see. The latest rumor about Mother Monster says the pop diva asked paparazzi photographers to retouch the photos they snapped of her at a recent event.

Not that we can blame Gaga for the special request (if, of course, she did indeed make it). Who minds a little light retouching, right? Heck, they even offer it for school photos these days. Still, we’ve kind of been digging this whole “this is what I really look like” trend celebrities have been championing of late. Lorde, for example, went out of her way to point out the “improvements” made to a recent photo of her.

“Remember flaws are ok :-),” the 17-year-old songstress captioned the pic.

We couldn’t agree more but does Lady Gaga? She’s not saying either way whether or not she asked the paps to airbrush (hear exactly what she wanted retouched thanks to the video above). Whatever the case, we just hope that Gaga knows we think she looks great even without Photoshop!

Do you think this rumor holds water, or would Mother Monster never make such a diva request? Tell us in the comments!

04.9.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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