Lady Gaga Pops Tamra Barney’s Breast Implant! (UPDATE)
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Lady Gaga Pops Tamra Barney’s Breast Implant! (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Don't you just hate it when Lady Gaga pops a hole in your breast implant? Yep, nothing weird about that.

Indeed, Tamra certainly seems to be taking in stride the fact that the pop star accidentally punctured her removed breast implant on Watch What Happens Live last week.

"My famously popped implant is still in the clubhouse. #ladygaga #bravo," Tamra on Instagram wrote as a caption to a photo of herself holding up the implant. A note to Tamra: We get that parting is such sweet sorrow and all, but it may be time to say goodbye to that implant.

If nothing else, this story gives new meaning to the phrase "getting something off your chest."

Original story: We hope Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney didn't want to get her breast implant back, as it will never be the same now that Lady Gaga has come into contact with it.

Lady Gaga appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on September 11, and things got a little out of hand when Gaga put one of Tamra's implants in her hand.

Lady Gaga Pops Tamra Barney’s Breast Implant! (UPDATE)
Credit: Instagram    

Andy and Gaga played a game called "The Edge of Glory Hole," which is a play on the name of her hit song, "Edge of Glory." During the game, Gaga stuck her hand into a cardboard hole and had to guess what item she was grabbing. We know it sounds very dirty, but it wasn't.

The first two items were pretty tame a box of spaghetti and a banana but the final item was definitely not food-related. "It's a water balloon," Gaga said while trying to guess it. "Or a prosthetic breast."

As it turns out, the pop star got it right with her second guess: It definitely was an implant! To be specific, it was Tamra Barney's implant, which she had removed after a bout with cervical cancer a few years back. But we don't think Tamra is going to be wanting it back as a keepsake, at least not in its current state.

"Gaga popped the implant!" Andy said when he looked into his hand and realized that goop was leaking out of a hole that Gaga had inadvertently poked with her finger. "She popped Tamra Barney's implant!"

So what does Tamra think of the situation? Apparently, she found it all rather amusing. After it happened, Tamra tweeted:

Wow! We like that Tamra was a good sport about this all. And we hope Andy washed his hand after the show.

But the real lesson learned here is: If Lady Gaga is trying to win a game, she will do so by any means necessary.

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