Should Mary Have Said “Yes” to Lord Gillingham’s Proposal? (POLL)
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Downton Abbey

Should Mary Have Said “Yes” to Lord Gillingham’s Proposal? (POLL)

We’re only a handful of episodes into Season 4 of Downton Abbey and somebody’s already proposed! Not as surprising is the lady who inspired said matrimonial feelings. What can we say? There’s just something about Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery).

In the January 19 episode, Lord Gillingham (Tom Cullen) decided to show his hand and ask Mary for hers. Although it’s always difficult to tell how much time has passed at Downton Abbey, we give Tony maybe a week between when he first rekindled his relationship with Mary at the Crawley house party and got down on bended knee. And that’s a high estimate.

Whether it was the brief length of time she knew him, her continued grief over losing Matthew, or other unspoken reasons, Mary’s answer to Tony was clear: I’m not ready so you best move on with your life. Unfortunately (or, depending on your views of Gilly, fortunately) moving on likely means Tony getting married to another woman.

So what do you make of this latest Downton love affair? Should Mary have told her dashing new suitor ‘yes’ or was it all too fast? Take our poll below and be sure to check back here for the results.

Oh and if spoilers are your thing, we can actually tell you the status of Mary and Tony’s relationship as of the end of Season 4. Quick hint: It’s complicated.

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Guys, I just miss Matthew so much.

Um duh she should have said 'yes.' Look at him!

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