Downton Abbey Gets Sexy! Lady Mary’s Love Interest on That Famous Pig Scene
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Gets Sexy! Lady Mary’s Love Interest on That Famous Pig Scene

If you’ve watched the February 9 episode of Downton Abbey (and if you haven’t, read up on it before continuing), then you’re familiar with a certain scene featuring Lady Mary, a handsome young man, and a bunch of pigs.

To refresh your memory, Mary (Michelle Dockery) is taking a walk with visitor to Downton, Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden), to visit the estate’s latest venture: pig farming. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the sty, they find the pigs severely dehydrated. The only course of action? Jump into the muck and save the Abbey’s bacon!

What makes this so great — and feel free to add your own reasons in the comments — is the part where prim and proper Mary gets right in the mud alongside Charles. As she tells the wide-eyed government officer, “They’re my pigs.”

Well, turns out those pigs had minds of their own when Michelle and Julian were filming this now classic Downton scene. Julian recently sat down with The Wire and revealed sparks weren’t just flying between Mary and Charles that night.

“The pigs just had sex basically throughout the whole day,” Julian explains of the “hilarious” scene.

Um, hold up. What? Julian says the show’s swine — and there were “quite a lot of” them, too — got busy “either because the were … well, more likely because they were completely bored and oblivious to what was going on.”

What pigs.

Source: The Wire

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