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Laguna Beach Stars Reunite for Friend’s Wedding: See Lauren, Lo, Stephen, and Dieter! (PHOTOS)

They may have been over a hundred miles from their show's namesake, but the stars of Laguna Beach convened nevertheless in Ojai, California — to celebrate the wedding of friend Maura McManus.

Us Weekly pic has a pic of Lauren Conrad as bridesmaid, wearing a floor-length off-white gown and loose curls in her blond hair — check it out here! It's not a "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" situation, though — L.C. will be wedding William Tell any day now.

In the photo seen here, however, Lauren is hanging out with friends in a more casual look — with a mid-length navy skirt. And to her right is a recognizable face: It's Lo Bosworth!

Click through for a photo of more Laguna alums at the event!